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Deer Aging Plaque

Have you ever questioned the age of a big buck?

The age is determined by wear pattern on the teeth.

Wildlife Enterprises' Deer Aging Plaque illustrates the technique developed by biologists throughout the United States for correctly aging whitetail deer.

Our plaque looks great on the cabin wall and is a good learning tool for hunters.

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Deer Aging DVD

Two comprehensive courses on one DVD

Age Deer “On the Hoof” and
The Tooth Wear/Replacement method.

These two presentations were originally designed as PowerPoint educational materials for high school Ag-Science teachers. They have been converted to DVD format to be easily viewed at the hunting camp.

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Field Guide for Buck Deer

It's great for display in the blind or the hunting cabin.

This guide allows for easy recognition of physical characteristics of yearling, premature, mature and post mature white-tailed bucks. Know the difference. 

Available in 12" X 15" poster or a Six-Card Pocket Set

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Great for the young or inexperienced hunter

A practical guide to shot placement that displays shot recommendations on deer that are positioned at different angles. The crosshairs on each panel pinpoints the most effective shot for that particular angle.

The center panel is a cutaway displaying deer anatomy.

This is a 12"X15" laminated poster that is great for placing in blinds.

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Pocket Deer Aging Tool

Aging deer has never been so easy!

Compare the dental wear patterns of the deer in question to the pictures and descriptions on the POCKET DEER AGING TOOL for quick and simple age identification.

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